Login Screens

To access any part of the Bustard Flying Club, beyond the landing site, you will need to login. The login screen will be standardized across the system however, like any IT solution each has its own idiosyncrasies. Below are a few examples of the login screens along with any additional information you need to know about how to access that particular part of the system.

Useful Information

The following are useful terms and phrases that will be used throughout this help guide.

The majority of the login screens have a 'FCM Help Centre', possibly what led you here! The other link takes you to the SyOps, these detail the acceptable usage of the FCM system. Finally the maintenance notice will keep you informed of upcoming changes to the site. If it is green then there are no changes planned and you need not worry to much. Should the maintenance window change to red it means there is an update taking place over the next couple of weeks which will likely result in some downtime. Date and times of the downtime along with a change long are normally included or linked to in the maintenance window.

Flying Club Manager

FCM requires you to login with your Username and Password. The username and password are case sensitive. Mobile users should check that when entering their username that the first character is not automatically capitalised.

FCM Login Screen


Web Mail

Mail is provided by outlook.com and therefore has a different look and feel. It requires the clubs mail account details to log in. This will allow users to check the your role account for the username and you will also need to choose if it is a public or share computer (default selection) or if it is a private computer. Private computer should only be chosen if it is a private computer, you will be able to remain logged in and inactive for longer and have more options available to you.

Web Mail Login Screen

The final thing to note about mail is that it is a Microsoft product. To get the best results when using it, please use internet explorer. Other browsers have been known to exhibit strange behaviour. Google Chrome for example has had and possibly still has a bug which prevents the uploading of attachments.



e-allocator is provided by Dragon Technologies and is a propriatary product. For this reason, a seperate username and password is employed. The product is used for booking the club aircraft. The Club name is Bustard2.

E-allocator Login Screen