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Runway Crossing Point
Authored by: markrichardson on Thursday, March 22 2018 @ 03:21 pm GMT

       I would like to remind all BFC members of the regulations regarding the runway crossing. The crossing is now known as Point X-ray and is considered one of the biggest risks to aviation at Boscombe Down, so understandably any infringements carry a severe penalty. Several people have had employment contracts terminated or been banned from driving on site for vehicle infringements. Aircraft infringements are no exception; I was banned from flying at Boscombe for one month for flying below the specified height over the crossing!  Club pilots are to exercise particular caution when operating in the vicinity of the crossing road when the airfield is closed, and landing and take-off procedures are modified to ensure aircraft either fly over the road at no less than 100ft AGL, or taxi across at a walking pace. Full details of Point X-ray are to be found in Order No 2, para 14 – 18 of  the BFC Flying Order Book.