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Saturday, January 18 2020 @ 09:54 am GMT

Another Aerobatic Pilot-well done Angus


 Angus Completes the Aerobatic Rating and AOPA basic certificate and starts his aerobatic journey....

Last week Angus Barr passed his aerobatic rating check and AOPA basic certificate and joins the ranks of the clubs aerobatic pilots. He is now continuing his training with me with the aim of entering his first competition and build on the basic course.

The course includes slow flight, stalling and advanced stalling, unusual attitude reovery, incipient and fully developed spin recovery, max rate turns, loops, aileron rolls, half cubans and reverse half cubans, split s and immelman turns, slow rolls, stall turns, wingovers and barrel rolls

The basic AOPA course and the aerobatic rating is just the beginning of the aerobatic journey. The aresti catalogue contains thousands of figures that can be flown that aren't even touched on in the basic syllabus. The Firefly is capable of some intermediate and even advanced aerobatics. If you would like to learn aerobatics for the first time, develop your aerobatics or brush off the cobwebs or even if you have no interest in aerobatics but would like to learn life saving upset prevention and recovery training and be a better equipped pilot in the club aircraft contact me. Congratulations to Angus and Happy Landings Matt Kitson 07787406784

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Another Aerobatic Pilot-well done Angus
Authored by: sbuckingham on Friday, March 16 2018 @ 09:42 pm GMT

 Congratulations, Angus, great acheivement!

Stewart Buckingham