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Saturday, January 25 2020 @ 06:40 am GMT

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Flying InfoA new Temporary Flying Memorandum Serial 15 has been issued.

Having read this TFM pilots, are to initial and date the appropriate cell on the RED side of their Pilotís Record card as acknowledgement. Provided all other approporiate currencies are in date and other TFMs currently lodged in the front of the BFC Flying Order Book have been read and acknowledged, pilots may return their Record Card to the Display Rack showing as Green.

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Info Topic

Flying Info

The Flying Info Topic is on the OPEN side of the website. Stories posted in this topic can be left open to view by anyone on the Web if you choose to. Use it to post News and Articles you would like anyone to read...

Select Read by Anonymous on the Permissions Tab if you want your story to be seen on the open internet, leave it unchecked if you want to keep it just to view by the club members.

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Local Danger Areas

Flying InfoUpdated now that the QinetiQ information page has been removed:

From 1 July 2010 (AIRAC 7/2010), additional segregated airspace in the vicinity of Boscombe Down aerodrome and to the south of
the existing Salisbury Plain Danger Area complex have been introduced. This development establishes additional Danger Areas and an
adjustment to the upper limit of one existing Danger Area; it has been introduced to accommodate flights by MoD operated Unmanned
Aircraft Systems (UAS).

The Director of Airspace Policy has approved the creation of the additional segregated airspace around Boscombe Down and the changes were implemented on 1 July 2010.

For more information click Read More

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Flight Planning Tool

Flying InfoHi all,

This looks like a good flight planning tool available for evaluation for free: try it if you have time. Peter

SkyDemon Flight Planning
Our custom-built vector charts are the clearest you will find, adjustable to your requirements and presented in a style with which you are comfortable. Route planning is as simple as clicking and dragging on waypoints, and analysis of your flight profile or trajectory is made easy with Virtual Radar.

Briefing services include the latest TAF, METAR, forecast winds aloft and NOTAM relevant to your route, all of which are automatically obtained and intuitively depicted on your chart. Your weight and balance and precise fuel and cost calculations are updated in real time as you plan.

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Passenger flying

Flying Info


  • All passengers are to be authorised, by name, in the flight authorisation sheet for each flight. 
  • All passengers must already be club members, or may join as day members. Before flight, day members are to sign a club temporary membership and indemnity form; this form is to be lodged in the club house whilst the flight is in progress. Day members are to have paid the daily membership fee in force at the time of flight, and if under 18 years of age, the declaration by a parent or guardian is to have been completed. Copies of the membership form are available in the Forms Draw and a specimen is given in the FOB.


When passengers are carried who are unfamiliar with the club aircraft, the PIC is to brief the passengers on safety procedures; as a minimum, the following points are to be covered:

  • The danger of propellers. Passengers are to be briefed to keep clear of
    the propeller at all times.
  • Smoking in, or near, the aircraft is prohibited.
  • Passengers are not to touch any aircraft control, unless invited to do so by the PIC. 
  • Strapping in and unstrapping procedures.
  • The escape route from the aircraft, in the event of an emergency on the ground.