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  • AAIB (395)
    UK accident reports
  • AirBum (1,345)
    Budd Davisson's Pireps
    131 total and counting
  • Army Parachute Association (562)
    Open to military and civilian alike, the APA parachute centre is open for business Wed pm, Fri pm and all weekend.
  • Early Aircraft Design - Flight Test Lecture (429)
    Early Aircraft Design: Innovating with Struts and Wires
    Javier Arango, BA, MBA
    Director of The Aeroplane Collection
    Wednesday 30th June.
    This presentation discusses the paradoxes of fighter designs
    during W.W.I.
  • Flying Holidays in Florida (840)
    Exclusive offer for RAFFCA affiliated pilots. Private Airfield, own aircraft, luxury accommodation, transport, all tailored to suit your individual needs. The best part? It's VERY affordable.
  • G-INFO (320)
    Find a tail number
  • List of GASIL (656)
    General Aviation Safety Information Leaflet. The CAA Accident Prevention Leaflet.
  • NTSB (329)
    US accident reports
  • Pass Your Message (540)
    For pilots, of all different kinds of light aircraft, there seems to be a never-ending struggle to stay on top of legal, charting, safety and operational changes to areas that affect our hobby or profession. Unfortunately, this involves scouring many websites and paper sources to keep track of what has changed.

    Here at, we aim to keep track of these changes and send them to you in regular e-mails (usually on a Friday), saving you time and keeping you informed and ready for the weekend when most of us get a chance to fly. Along with this more 'serious' information we will also often include information related to fly-ins, new airfields and other relevant news.

    Best of all it's totally free to join the distribution list!
  • UK Pilot Listing (309)
    Find your flying pals...